Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kauai - the red dirt land

A red dirt landscape

A sketch. It's a tree with houses behind.

A palm painted with red dirt.

by Ekaterina Levina

A local Kauai company manufacturing T-shirts started using red dirt for dying T-shirts after a hurricane ruined a lot of merchandise in 1992.
It's very common to see red hills on Kauai when you drive around the island.

I decided to use the dirt for my sketches. It was pretty easy – I mixed the dirt with some water and used a watercolor brush to paint. The mixture reminded me gouache paint with its texture.

I thought that this how medieval artists managed to find painting material – they looked around and used common things, and some of them were dirt cheap like clays and charcoal.

If I painted on a wall somewhere I probably would feel like a cave artist, but I used watercolor paper, so I wouldn't go that far in my imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. Informative too. "Go green"!...and brown too! :)
This dirt must fit very well for painting of Kauai landscapes with hills.
I did notice a cat under the tree. :)